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  1. Introduction

gAuto respects your right to privacy, and has written this Privacy Policy to inform you how we collect, disclose, and use the information that you provide to us. As a condition of using and its related services, you must agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

2. Your Personal Information

In order for you to use, we will collect certain information from you, including your name, service and billing addresses, vehicle details, e-mail address, phone number and credit card number and any other information necessary for a successful transaction. If you are a seller, additional information, such as your Social Security Number, business license number, and other details may be collected from you. This, and other information about you, is defined as "personal information" for the purposes of our Privacy Policy. We will only share personal information with third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy; in furtherance of a provision of the Buyer Agreement, Seller Agreement, or Management Agreement; or if we specifically inform you in the future and you agree to share it as a condition of "opting in" to an offer.

Personal information collected may also be shared with buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth transaction. As these are third parties not under the control of gAuto, we cannot be responsible for their use of your personal information. As a condition of using, you must hold us harmless from any damages caused by buyers' and sellers' use of your personal information. With that said, we do our best to keep irresponsible users from our marketplace as it hurts our reputation, so if you have an issue with the way a buyer or seller is handling your privacy, please contact or call (888) AUTO-145.

3. Information Security

You must never share your account information with any other person. If your gAuto account, or the e-mail account associated with your gAuto account, becomes compromised, you should immediately change the login information for both accounts to protect your information. If your account has been compromised and you cannot log in to it, please immediately contact with full details.

4. Cookies uses cookies on its website to keep you logged in and provide you with many of our website services. We cannot differentiate you from other users and protect your account without this feature.

Additionally, we may now or in the future allow third parties to advertise on our website, in which case third party cookies will be used on our website. In these cases, cookies may be used to collect marketing information, track sales made as a result of your visiting our website, or other uses.
For this reason, enabling cookies is mandatory in order to use our website.

5.1 APIs

gAuto may also offer you the ability to use APIs to interface with third party websites such as other social networks. For example, we may let you link your account to your account, so that you can share things like the reviews that you post or receive on We cannot control the actions of these third party websites. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify gAuto for any damages arising from your use of these third party websites.

5.2 Reviews

Like APIs, gAuto offers you the ability to post reviews that may involve sharing your personal information with third parties (including on other websites in conjunction with an API). When you post a review about another user, the information is made publicly available. Please be aware that you should have no expectation of privacy when posting a review, so you should not post anything that you wouldn't want displayed on national television. We strongly recommend against posting your name, e-mail address, telephone number, Social Security Number, work schedule and route, and list of personal fears when making reviews.

6. Sales Data

gAuto wants to ensure that it targets as much relevant information at its users as possible. Because we know that you don't want to see advertisements, offers, or other deals that don't interest you, we store and track important data relevant to determining your interests, such as your sales data. We may use this data to market new products and services that you are interested in.

We may store this information on a server in Arizona or elsewhere, including in a cloud computing system, and process it in order to determine the material that you are most likely to be interested in.

We take serious precautions to ensure that this data is protected so that your privacy is not compromised while getting the most relevant offers.

7. Data Storage

We endeavor to keep your personal information secure, and we will only share it to the extent that is authorized by this Privacy Policy or necessary to maintain our operations. More specifically, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we use a third party to provide us with server space for, where our website and its users' personal information are stored. We may also need to bring in outside assistance to help us maintain and secure, and they may have access to your personal information. We will try to ensure that only reputable third parties are involved in this process, as we have as much to lose as you by letting the wrong person access our systems, but we will not take responsibility for damages caused by third parties. We value our reputation as a secure business and will never do anything that we think would harm it.

8. Disclosure for Law Enforcement

We may choose to disclose your personal information if we believe it is reasonable to do so in order to protect persons or property, assist law enforcement in a bona fide investigation into allegations of illegal activity, or protect the rights of third parties, such as people with an interest in an infringed intellectual property.


Our website only allows users who are eighteen or over to sign up, and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act only regulates websites with users under thirteen years of age. However, if you become aware of the existence of a user who is under thirteen years of age who uses our website (or eighteen, since it's against our agreements), please contact or call (888) AUTO-145 immediately to let us know. Include as much information as possible so that we can verify it really is a minor.
Likewise, if you have been reported as being a minor, we may request that you provide a copy of a photo ID to verify your age.

10. California Online Privacy Protection Act complies fully with California's online privacy legislation. We don't disclose your personal information unless it is for a purpose described in this Privacy Policy or you have specifically opted in to do so. If you have any questions about how we collect, use, or disclose your information, please contact or call (888) AUTO-145.

11. Amendments

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our "Privacy Policy" page frequently to ensure that you are aware of the current version in effect. We may also e-mail you to notify of changes, though we are not required to do so. The fact that you were not notified by e-mail of a change in the Privacy Policy will not affect the validity of that change, so you should be sure to check the Privacy Policy each time you visit our website.